Imperial Lawn Deer Repellent in New York State

Even in some urban areas, deer are becoming an increasing nuisance. Damage from deer incursions can cause serious damage to expensive landscaping. Although some plants aren’t on the menu for deer, but that’s the rare exception. What looks good in the landscape to us, usually looks even tastier to the deer and they can make quick work of what Mother Nature took months if not years, to grow.

Our deer repellent program is designed to make those delicious-looking plants, not so appetizing to the deer. This program is not harmful to the deer or other animals. It is only a strong deterrent that encourages them to move on down the road where the dining ambience is a little nicer.

Deer not only cause serious damage, they also are prime carriers of ticks that may be infected with Lyme disease. Not having deer on your property is better for your plants and better for your family. Call us today to get started on our Deer Repellent program… you can thank us later.

Deer Tick Control